mercoledì 28 settembre 2011



Pool results : 88% Normal

- I have a 5-inch, I am a gay 13 year old. I practice, and practice, and I finally got to suck myself. I learned how to suck my 5-inch about half-way down. I am afraid this isnt normal? Is this normal? what do you think I should do?
- Bro, it is so normal to do this. You should actually consider yourself lucky that you can reach it at 13. Sucking your own crank is something that EVERY guy has done or tried to do and if they deny it, they are lying. Point blank. I used to do it when I was your age too. I used to climb in the bathtub and press my hips against my upper torso and finally made the success of reaching it. It was an amazing feeling and having my first orgasm made me actually black out. So, it is 100% normal. Do not feel guilty or bad about it.
- it is 100% normal. self satisfaction. It is tasty also. I have been doing for years. everyone should do.
i got a 7" and im 14 and i do that and im not gay....
- but i'd say its normal if you're young, 'cause when you're young around 13 lets face it you arent going to get pussy or anything. soo just do it yourself, its good fun and it feels good, and doesnt harm you unless you have back problems.............
- anyway carry on, do what YOU want to do
- hi, my penis is 6 inches and i can suck on myself.
i can get quite a bit in my mouth.
i have only ever came in my mouth once but i felt ill as it was my own fluids.
i love being flexible.. although i aint flexible on purpose =/

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